I’ve been a wee bit scrappy

Hi everyone.  This weeks post is about using up some of your scraps.  I  told myself that once I was finished reorganizing my craft room, I wouldn’t save any scrap piece of paper smaller than 4 x 5.25.  That didn’t last long, two weeks into my cleaned up space I have resorted back to saving every piece of paper.  Even pieces as small as 2.5 x 2.5.  Ouch!

That’s where paper piecing can save the day and  Bold Butterfly Framelits #138135 to the rescue!!!!  I grabbed the smaller butterfly die and an assortment of different color scraps and started cranking them out.

BUT WAIT!  There is a trick I found very useful in keeping my butterflies intact to more easily piece them later.  My very well loved Cricut cutting mat.  I just take the die-cut from the cutting plate and transfer it directly to the sticky mat.  Then with all the pieces still in the die I use the Big Shot Die Brush (#140603) run it across the mat then lift off the die and presto like magic your butterfly stays in its correct order!  Cool Right?


Then I used the outline to trace to a post it and fussy cut it out.


Then I covered the post it note Butterfly with snail adhesive and added the Butterfly minus the insert pieces being careful to align it so it won’t show later.

Now its time for some Crafty Therapy!  Using tweezers or pick me up stick, fill in each butterfly with colors from the mat other than the one you are filling in.  (***note:  In my past life I was a Finance person, I don’t know if that caused my OCD or I had it all along, but I found it very difficult to do each butterfly randomly.  LOL So I did 4 at a time)  I’m pretty sure a Butterfly’s wings are mirror images of each other, so OCD is AOK for this project 🙂

P.S.  Stampin Up has matching Framelits to this Bold Butterfly so fussy cutting can be eliminated, The Butterflies Thinlits are on my wishlist!!! #137360

Now I have a few Butterflies ready for a rainy day!


Stop by next week when I talk about this tent style card!  Don’t forget, if you are interested in any of the products I’ve mentioned, head over to my ‘about’ page to get to my online store!

Liz, your silly stamper

Disclaimer:  No full sheets of card stock were harmed in the making of these beauties!


3 thoughts on “I’ve been a wee bit scrappy

  1. Penni says:

    Those butterflies really turned out beautifully. Especially like the black one filled in with all those well placed vibrant colors. Well done!


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