Hello My Friends!

To be honest this card was a complete mistake.  I had originally tried to CASE a card from Pinterest.  Maybe you’ve seen it?  A cat looking through the mason jar at a goldfish?  After I stamped the two different sized jars, I just couldn’t wrap my head around the whole peeking part.  So I stamped a fish.  Then I had an idea..maybe I can stamp a reversed fish for the other jar and they could be looking at each other.  I used a technique called mirror image stamping.  To do this, stamp your image on a flat surface stamp, I used the water stamp from the Jar of Love set (#141587).  I wasn’t totally successful, so I tried using my white gel pen to create some lines.  Not only was my gel pen dried up, so was my spare.  Grrr don’t you just hate when you have an idea and you don’t have a back up for your back up?  So I used a silver gel pen.  Eh, it was OK.

I sat and stared at my card.  I mean literally sat for about a half hour looking at this very unimpressive card.  Moments before I was ready to trash my card it hit me.  Maybe I could still use a cat.  So rather than stamping one behind my jar, I punched one with the Fox Builder Punch (#141470)  I used the face stamp from the bundled Foxy Friends Stamp Set (#142326) but if you don’t have the stamps, drawing whiskers works too!  But seriously, why don’t you have this set?  The cuteness factor is just astronomical!

Once I had my card assembled I knew immediately what my sentiment should read!  Hello My Friends!  Cute right?  Well I do have the Sunshine Sayings Bundle (#142339) I used the Hello Thinlit Die from the bundle (cut 3 times for dimension) but I didn’t have the My Friends in any of my sets.  Never fear, I did buy the Labeler Alphabet stamp Set (#141936) and stamped out my greeting.  I was afraid I would mess up my stamping after all my hard work, so I just stamped on a scrap and cut the strip and adhered to my card front.


There you have it, I went from trash to treasure with just a punch!  I hope you find this card as cute as I do, I’m totally smitten with this kitten!

See you next week!!!!



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