Surprise! Another Chick Card

Good morning peeps!  Oh, look!  Another Hey, Chick card!  Ahhhhh but there is a method to my madness!  My Tasty Truck slider card was an internet sensation.  Hahahaha.  Not in the real world, just mine!  There was some interest in learning how I made the truck slide across my card.  I thought I’d use the Hey, Chick stamp set and take a few process pics so that you could see the making of the mechanism.

I happened to use the retired word window punch, but the Classic Label Punch (#141491) is ideal!


Hopefully the above visual reference helps in the making of the element needed to slide.  Think of it as a penny slider card without the spin 🙂


adhere your moving element,  (chick ) to one flat side of the circle.  Insert the back half of circle into the punched channel and adhere other side of circle to the smaller panel. Phew, wish I could do videos, so much easier to explain while you watch.  Hopefully you can “see” it once you have your pieces in hand 🙂


I thought this chick appeared to be looking over her shoulder and thought, hey, this is the look when someone startles you, so I added PSST stamped with the Labeler Alphabet (#141936)  The “nest” she is sitting on are of the Crazy Chicks stamped images, I just fussy cut the hair and positioned it to look like a nest.  Cute?

So, what happens when you get startled?  You jump!


But not only did she jump, so did all the eggs in her nest!  I crack myself up.  Pun intended 🙂

The sentiment on the inside is the “have a happy day” from the same stamp set.  I hope this little tutorial helps you to try your own hand at the slider card!  I LOVE this card, its too cute and of course silly!!!!!


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