Can you stand just one more Tasty Truck slider card from me?  LOL Gosh I love this little truck!  Just a few more days to get this free with your $50 order.  April 1 it will be GONE!!!!!  I know you will really want this one once you see all the amazing projects made on Pinterest!  I bet this stamp set will be gold after April 1 on Ebay!  Get it FREE now!

So I really hadn’t intended on making a birthday card for my brother.  It’s in April and honestly he has been in and out of our lives for over 30 years.  But Facebook has really reconnected us.  Thank you Mark Zuckerberg!  I decided to make him a card after he posted this on my FB wall:


I guess he has appreciated the few cards I’ve sent over the years….so here it is.  His very own Tasty Taco Truck with a hidden surprise!

tasty taco 1tasty taco 2

I hope you have enjoyed my bonus entry this week, and if you really want this stamp set, remember you can only get it free with your $50 purchase and after March 31 it is GONE!



4 thoughts on “YO TACO!!!

  1. Cheryl Algie says:

    I love this and have been searching for a good tutorial for these cards with no luck ! Do you have a link to the tutorial for this please ? I am a SU demo in Australia 😀😀😀


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