Peek-a-Boo Slider Tutorial

I had some interest on a tutorial for the Peek-a-boo Slider card.  Here is my attempt!

Peek-a-Boo Slider Card

This pictorial tutorial will show you how I went from point A to Point B:


You will need to add a “channel” for your sliding element to fit in. I used a retired punch, but this current punch will work perfectly.


For a spinner card you would use 2 pennies, but since we just need this to slide up and down or left and right we need to make an element that will enable the two-direction motion. Make two score lines about a 1/8-inch apart and cut (2) 1-inch circles centering the score lines.


Fold each of the score lines so your circles become tacos (lol sorry, sort of went with the card theme). Now glue the two flat sides to each other to form an H shape.


Insert your H Disc into the slot and add a glue dot so you can adhere your peek-a-boo element.


Make the Pull Tab, it should be long enough so that it is free to pull with ease. Attach tab to the reverse side of your sliding element with a glue dot. Then add fun foam on either side of the pull tab, being sure to keep the tab clear so it can slide.


Strategically add dimentionals to the front of panel so you can add the element your peek-a-boo surprise will hide behind. Make sure you do NOT block the entry/exit points or your slider will jam!!!

seven wm

Tada! The project is complete! I hope you have found this tutorial helpful!


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