Daisy Spinner

Good Morning!  This week I received a few new goodies that will become available to the public June 1.  When I saw the Daisy Punch and co-ordinating stamp set, I said SOLD!  I instantly knew what my first card would be.  A spinner card!  Such an easy card, it has that “clean and simple” look but the bonus spinning of the daisy turns it into a WOW card.

I stamped 4 daisies, and punched them.  Then I inked the stamp and carefully laid the unstamped side down on the daisy stamp and covered with scrap paper and pressed to transfer the inked image.  My flowers had fronts and backs, a good feature when you will see the back of the flower!

The flower has a piece of fishing line running thru it and then taped between the card base and dsp so it stays unseen.  Now it looks as if the flower is floating.  Wind up the flower several times and carefully insert into an envelope.  Once the recipient opens the envelope and removes the card it will spin happily!


Easy card this week, but I have a very busy weekend…today is my 60th birthday!  How did that happen????  Oh well, they say its just a number, and as long as I still feel 36 on the inside I’m OK with it.  LOL  Beats the alternative!  Then Sunday is Mothers day!  I think my son is taking me, his wife and his sister out for the day on our boat.  The babies too!  should be interesting!

Happy Mothers Day!



11 thoughts on “Daisy Spinner

  1. Cindy Reberk says:

    Very cute spinner card. I just became a hobby demonstrator in MN. I’m very excited to start my new adventure. I’m still learning tricks and techniques. I love the thought of getting discounts on my new products. I’m waiting for the Christmas catalogs now! Happy stamping.


  2. Brenda says:

    Wow,love this card you made. Definitely going to try this. I am a hobby demo too. I love cards that don’t use a ton of embellishments. Just card stock, ink and this great daisy bundle. Thanks for great directions!


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