My Tale of The Three Little Piggies!

Once upon a time there was a little girl.  Ok you got me, the little girl is me and I just celebrated my 60th birthday, but as in all fairy tales, one can dream, right?  Anyway, the young girl was doing what she has been doing every day for the past 5 or so years.  Browsing Pinterest, when she came across a style of stamping she had never seen before.  To her eye these looked like glass or tiles that were broken and then fit back together, but not exactly the way they should have been.  Upon further reading she learned these cards were made purposely in this way and the style was referred to as Retiform.  The young lady then hopped on over to watch a YouTube video on how the process was done, and then immediately attempted to make one!

First she had to decide on a stamp set.  There were many samples using the High Tide and Colorful Seasons stamp sets.  But our gal wanted something a little out of the box, so she grabbed her This Little Piggy stamp set.  Then to choose the colors.  In her mind pigs are pink, so her color choices were Blushing Bride and Powder Pink.  But sadly there wasn’t enough contrast so she scrapped her first try.


Then the woman remembered that pigs loved to play in the mud!  Out came Crumb Cake and Chocolate Chip.  All was going well until she stamped the 4th pig.  Curses she said!  It looks like the pig just above pooped on the pig just below.  So close, but a few valuable lessons were learned.  First, and most importantly, when you are told to tap tap tap your stamp onto the ink pad, TAP TAP TAP!  My oops was giving it a good hard smash and not noticing that the belly of the pig was also inked.  Lesson #2 Blender pens DO NOT erase the smudge.  It did a pretty good spreading the ink around, but still looked bad.  I even tried a little sand paper which lightened it up more, but still looked like crap (pun intended).


By now this once little girl was an old lady (Hey, who says 60 is Old!!!!????) but has learned so much in the process.  Since this was another opportunity to try a color combination she tried replacing the Crumb Cake with Sahara Sand.  Her boxes became smaller her inking had a lighter touch and she learned to stop and smell the flowers (yes, those flowers are from the Happy Birthday Gorgeous Set.)


To recap, the first little piggy card was too light, the second little piggy was inked too hard and the third little piggy was made just right!

I hope you enjoyed my little fractured fairy tale and give this technique a try.

P.S.  I couldn’t leave well enough alone!  With a little help from my stamp-a-ma-jig and Cajun Craze ink I may have salvaged my card!  In fact I’m thinking I like this one a bit better than the card that was my “final” result!  What do you guys think?  Leave me a comment and let me know!


By the way, I gave this card to the lady that cleans my house  I felt the piggies were pretty appropriate for the amount of cleaning she had to do this month LOL



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