This Little Piggy Beach Shadow Box

Hi Peeps!  My Pigs are back from their vacation and looks like they took a family photo as a souvenir!  Notice one of my Pigs is not in the frame?  Well someone had to take the picture, right?  Shhhh it was really because I didn’t want to make another Mirror image Pig HAHA!

How many of you make cards you love so much that it’s actually difficult for you to part with them?  In a way that is a good thing, it means the card came out just as you hoped and you should be excited to give it away, that is just how I felt about my  This Little Piggy  card from last week.

That is why I decided to recreate the scene and turn it into a Shadow Box! I LOVE making Shadow Boxes.  I have made quite a few, some as gifts, some I just gave away because someone admired it.  LOL


Because I got tired of searching thru my own posts, hahaha, to find the directions, I took a few minutes to make up a pictorial Tutorial that I have added to the Tutorials tab.  Now you and I can access it much quicker, because I know you will want to make one of these cuties too!  Click the link if you want to see the tutorial now Shadow Box and remember, it will also be waiting under the Tutorials menu for future fun!

Come back soon, I have a feeling I’m not quite done with these little guys!



7 thoughts on “This Little Piggy Beach Shadow Box

  1. floridaperson says:

    I’ve only used my piggy once and every time I see your creations, I want to get it out and play but something else catches my eye and my thoughts travel down that road but no card gets made because I’m trying to figure out what I want to pre-order from the Holiday catty…lol…AND I have a $300 demo order coming from the Annual catty. I am so pathetic! This is a great shadowbox. Yes, I know exactly what you mean by not wanting to give the card away!


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