Quick…make me a card!!

This morning our mobile groomer came to give my dog, Heineken, his monthly grooming.  As she was taking him out to the van, she mentioned its been a busy month, she closed on her new home!  Oh my gosh!!!  Of course that meant I needed a card to give her to congratulate them on this big event!  What to do?  What to do?

In The City (Hostess Set) to the rescue!  I am not one for quick and easy cards but I only had an hour to get this thought out and completed.  LOL  I love this set!  Just wanted to share that even just a few stamps can still make a great card!  I’ll be back tomorrow!



4 thoughts on “Quick…make me a card!!

  1. Mary Reeve says:

    Hi Liza, I’ve only just discovered your website and am a huge fan. I love your sense of humour and your quirky style. I am a demonstrator in New Zealand but am wishing I lived in Florida just so I could craft with you!!! Thanks for sharing your creations. Mary

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